Do you know what makes Clipper one of the best lighters in the world, unique & different?????

  • We have a unique packaging tool
  • We use safe plastic material
  • Our safe gas 100% isobutane
  • We are fully refillable (gas and flint)
  • Our quality certified and iconic shape

18cm Clipper Tube gas lighter with a refillable adjustable flame cylinder. Perfect for lighting candles, stoves, gas hobs, and barbecues, fireworks, open fires Ideal for keeping in the kitchen drawer, ready at hand. 4 colors are available (blue, white, Red & black) but you will receive random colour according to available stock unless special request before purchase. Buyers can order there favourite colour by confirming through message

If no preference from buyers then at the dispatch time colors can be any - depends upon availability of stock.

  • Adjustable Flame & Refillable
  • Above mentioned price is for 1 piece of any color lighter only
  • Same day dispatch
  • Keep away from Children

This Clipper Tube Long Reach lighters have a long reach neck making them ideal for safely lighting hard to reach areas. For example, Firelighters in the BBQ, the back of a stove.

Tube Lighter


Random colour in Clipper brand OR GSD brand will be sent due to available stock. Package Contains: Lighter (Random Colour)